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Ozone Free IAQ Solutions

Airborne Infectious Disease

The World Health Organization published an update saying that airborne transmission of the novel corona-virus is possible, especially in poorly ventilated buildings. Whether we assumed this or not, we can now consider this confirmed.

What can be done? Obviously, practicing the standard measure to prevent infectious disease as an individual are necessary.

However, outside of that, we offer many solutions we typically offer as a package. Lets talk about a few…

For filtration, we offer products that capture particulate matter in the air at an efficiency higher then HEPA and obviously better then all other filtration products on the marketplace today. It’s defined as a Disinfecting Filtration System. The system or unit will capture down to 0.007 microns (40x more effective then HEPA) and kill anything that is still living while captured. It was originally made for germ warfare but in the past decade has become a necessary product to all buildings and especially healthy focused buildings. These units are available in portable and ducted means, both in a residential or commercial building.

For a proactive means of treating the air and surfaces we offer products that are UL listed no ozone producing and no hydroxyl emitting devices. These products are free radicals that are extremely hazardous to our health (especially long term). They also come with a high cost of operation and maintenance. These devices are uni-polar cold plasma ionization devices. They produce specific ions that go into the air steam and kill, rid, destruct and break apart pathogens. Another benefit is they destruct VOCs, and combine particles to one another to make nano and super fine particles bigger so they can be captured by a filtration system or fall out of the air. The devices we offer are exclusively the only products tested by independent labs to do what they claim. Other products simply cannot and do not compare!

We also offer the standard means of indoor air quality solutions such as professional monitoring, mechanical ventilation, humidification and dehumidification.

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