Are you concerned about what you are breathing?

So, why should you be concerned about fine and ultra-fine particles in the air? Well, for one, they are so small that the naked eye cannot detect them in the air. To understand the size of these particles, see the attached photo to this article. You would need a powered microscope to see them or a high performing laser meter to gather the amount of particles in the air. There are many scholarly articles that show evidence of its negative effect on our health. Studies suggest that these particles can cause pulmonary disease, cardiac illness, and diabetes, just to name a few. So, while we have always been aware and concerned about what we are drinking in our water and eating in our food, we need to also be concerned about the air we inhale (up to approximately 5,547 gallons per day!). Call us for more information on professional products that will eradicate these particles from the air you breathe!