Bi Polar Ionization and the effects on viruses.

Evidence for Why AtmosAir is Effective on the Corona Virus Below is some information to offer explanation on the air sanitization effect of AtmosAir bipolar ionization from Tony Abate, Chief Technology Officer at AtmosAir Solutions. To answer to the overall question, absolutely yes, our technology can inactivate viruses, Coronavirus being one. Coronavirus can be spread in three fashions. Person to Person through direct contact, Surface to Person through in-direct contact and airborne, through expelled droplets, I’ll explain. We cannot help direct contact spread, nothing much can. On surface to person spread, an infected person can touch a surface and another person touches the same surface and can be infected. Lastly the airborne spread occurs by an infected person coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc. and microscopic droplets are expelled which can travel through a space where another person makes direct contact with these droplets and can become infected. AtmosAir is an active air purification method. The AtmosAir bi-polar ions are carried into a space through any air source supplied into the space. The ions saturate the space to an ion density of 500 to 1,500 ions per cm3. These ions now can interact with contaminants on air and on surfaces. The ion effect is continuous, so the benefit is a continuous disinfection of the space and is self-sustaining, meaning as long as the air supply is providing air to the space the ions will continue to saturate the space, provided the equipment is properly maintained. I’ll explain that later. The way bi-polar ionization affects a virus is on the protein surface of the virus. If you’ve seen a graphic of a virus, it’s covered in spikes which are a protective protein surface. The positive and negative ions, (it is important that ions are produced in balanced quantities positive and negative for optimal air cleaning and sanitization), now interact with that surface protein and change into a highly reactive group called a hydroxyl radical. The hydroxyl removes a hydrogen molecule from that surface and changes into water (H2O). This destroys the surface of the virus and will not allow it to be able to infect even if it is ingested into the body. This effect occurs only on the surface protein layer, is does not affect DNA so the bi-polar ion effect will not harm healthy cells in the body. Viruses, and germs and bacteria have different structure than healthy human or animal cells. This is why you can take an anti-biotic to help kill an infection without harming yourself. This technology also improves air cleanliness by agglomerating particles, dust, spores, allergens into larger particles where they are more efficiently trapped by air system filters and also drop to the floor out of our breathing zone. If any of those particles have a viable, such as a mold spore, the above described process with also inactivate them. 2 Also bi-polar ionization has an effect on gaseous contaminants, volatile organic compounds which are hydrocarbon chains. The ions in a gas phase process break down these chains into immeasurable quantities of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Since our technology uses balanced quantities of positive and negative ions it doesn’t charge a surface but rather neutralizes charges. This effect can be used to neutralize static electricity, but in the case of micro-organisms that deposit on surfaces the neutralization of static attraction will not allow the organism to cling to the surface, so less harmful to people. The AtmosAir technology has been well tested. On the effect on micro-organisms, AtmosAir has been tested on airborne Staphylococcus, E-Coli, MS2 Bacteriophage and on surface grown C-Difficile. MS2 bacteriophage (a virus that infects bacteria) is a popular surrogate for viruses with outbreak potential (Corona), as most labs won’t handle actual viruses that infect humans. AtmosAir testing shows significant efficacy with 99% + reduction capability on both aerosolized micro-organisms and surface organisms. Also bi-polar ion technology has been testing through time. A compilation of studies by Dr. John Oxford is attached. As you can see Coronavirus was among those tested where bipolar ionization was found to be effective. Dr. Oxford is a world recognized virologist. Dr. Oxford in addition to his published papers and TV appearances, etc. also serves on the Global Hygiene Council with Dr. Phillip Tierno among others. Dr. Tierno is the professor of microbiology at NYU Langone Hospital. He also was appointed by the mayor of NYC post 9/11 to head a task force on how to prepare for a potential biological attack. Dr. Tierno is big proponent of our technology and has written a white paper on the technology and also recently wrote a short paper on a Coronavirus explanation and how ions can help combat the spread. These papers are attached and give additional good scientific explanations. He is the author of the book, The Secret Life of Germs. On the systems, they adapt quite easily to any new or existing air system or can be configured for standalone capability. There require no mechanical re-design of air systems and the only maintenance is replacement of the bi-polar ion tube(s) every 2 years.