Why come to us before attempting unproven, and inept solutions

This just one example of data (hyperlink below) we at Indoor Air Quality Associates pull from that validate correctly and proactive solutions, in regards to indoor […]

What is air filtration or air cleaning?

If you looking to breathe healthier in your own home or place of business, chances are you will hear terms like HEPA, MERV16, CADR, PM’s etc. […]

10 Tips for New Construction or Remodeling

Plan your home based on what the climate is like where you will build. Some plans work better in hot, humid weather than in cold, dry […]

5 IAQ Implications of Switching from Cooling to Heating

As temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere, many areas are now switching from cooling mode to heating mode. Before your attention gets pulled away by the […]


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted healthcare organizations on multiple fronts.  Obviously, there are incredible challenges with battling an unfamiliar  disease. Patient volumes have spiked in certain […]

Active Mold

IN MANY CASES ACTIVE MOLD GROWTH IS NOT VISIBLE AND CAN GO UNDETECTED Molds are fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae […]


WHAT IS HEPA FILTRATION? HEPA standards for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and is a term that is used to describe filters that will remove.  For a […]

Air Filters VS Air Purifiers

We all like to think that the quality of the air inside our homes and buildings is clean and healthy, but more often than not the […]

Air Fresheners and your Home or Businesses Air Quality

A fresh & clean smelling home is desired by all. This desire drives consumers to purchase air fresheners, sprays, and plug-ins regularly. What we must consider […]

Air Quality System

In light of the current health pandemic, air quality has become a major concern. Every business must have a public health response reflecting the priority to […]

Air Quality Testing

Here at Indoor Air Quality Associates, IAQ is our specialty. It was the foundation of the company and is still our specialty. Indoor air quality is […]