WHY IS VENTILATION IN A BUILDING IMPORTANT? As we make our homes and offices more energy efficient we strive to limit the loss of warm air […]

VOC (Volatile Organic compounds)

Represent a large variety of chemicals that exist as a gas or can easily off gas under normal room temperatures. Some major sources include Photocopying materials, […]

Water Damage and Flood Testing

Flooding and storm surge can introduce chemicals, mold, bacteria and other microbial exposure hazards into a home or building. Even water damage from a leaking roof […]

What do we do?

Indoor Air Quality Associates offers vetted solutions, expert knowledge, industry leading products. Everything required to provide a safe ,fresh air and solutions to allow you to […]

What does a dust mite bite look like?

What does a dust mite bite look like? Trick question! They don’t actually bite. That said, they can cause allergic reactions on your skin that appear […]

What is air filtration or air cleaning?

If you looking to breathe healthier in your own home or place of business, chances are you will hear terms like HEPA, MERV16, CADR, PM’s etc. […]


WHAT IS CARBON DIOXIDE? CO2 is a molecule of gas that consists of two oxygen atoms bonded to a single carbon atom. It is commonly measured […]

What is Indoor Environmental Quality?

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building’s environment in relation to the health and wellbeing of those who occupy space within it. […]


When a new building is constructed or an existing building is remodeled, many smells and odors can become an issue. One of the more noticeable odors […]