Deluxe Indoor Air Quality System

What type of air cleaner would we recommend, OURS! But here’s why…

These medical grade portable purifiers offer a superior solution for improving indoor air quality. Proprietary electrostatic filtration technology is 40x stronger than a traditional HEPA filter […]

What You Need To Know About Mold And Moisture Problems In Greater Philadelphia

Where there’s moisture, there’s mold. That’s why, in the Pacific Northwest and other damp climates, mold is so prevalent. We have this fungus to thank for […]

Whats your air diet?

Each day, you consume over 28 lbs. of air. More than five times the consumption of all other nutrients combined! And unless you are working outdoors, […]

When Disaster Strikes: Tips on Mold Problems Clean Up from the EPA

When Disaster may also be growing in spots that you can’t see, such as behind walls and under carpeting. Remove any standing water with a wet […]

Why care about IAQ and why choose us?!?

Sometimes there is great danger in that which you cannot see. You might believe that your home or workplace is a safe place for you, but […]

Why come to us before attempting unproven, and inept solutions

This just one example of data (hyperlink below) we at Indoor Air Quality Associates pull from that validate correctly and proactive solutions, in regards to indoor […]

Why it’s so important to have a professional humidifier!

Did you know that the common cold and the flu may be avoided very simply? According to a Harvard University publication, living and working in an […]

Why should you professionally test and monitor CO2 level in Indoor Air?

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas produced as a by-product of many natural processes. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless in nature. Because of this, […]


You might think that new buildings are the least likely to have issues with air quality. After all, they were never built with hazardous materials like […]