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Building a new home or building?

Building a new home or building is an exciting time for you and your family. From picking the right neighborhood to finalizing the blueprints, the process […]
Spray Foam

Can Spray Foam Insulation Contribute To Poor Indoor Air Quality?

In the effort to reduce home energy costs, more and more homeowners are retrofitting their homes by installing spray foam insulation. While this material is effective […]

Carbon Dioxide

Below 800ppm Carbon Dioxide has long been used as an indicator  of good indoor air quality primarily because of its  association with ventilation. When carbon dioxide  […]

Cleaning with chemicals

As we approach a weekend filled with cleaning and tidying up consider best practice(s) when doing so. As addressed in previous postings, it’s very important to […]

Cooking and IAQ

According to researchers from the   Netherlands TNO, there are four factors that  can increase PM2.5 levels in the air while  cooking. These include:  Cooking Method. The […]

Coughing at Home? Your Indoor Air Quality Could Be to Blame

You might not think coughing is a serious health issue since most people cough at least once every day. But it depends on what specifically is […]

COVID-19, How it has changed indoor environments

The COVID-19 virus has forever changed our perspective on cleanliness, personal interaction, and our environment. The thought of a post-pandemic state brings us hope. But what […]

COVID-19, Some Useful Recommendations

Ventilation. A term that most people outside of the HVAC world rarely heard until a few months ago. As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, and the CDC and WHO finally started […]