Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

Concerned that the air in your home or workplace may be harming your health or someone else’s? Do a little digging to find the likely culprit. […]


Why Indoor Air  Quality Matters COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has drastically  changed our routines. Due to the lockdowns  put in place in affected regions around the  […]

Indoor Air Quality Scores

Indoor Air Quality scores seem to be popping up everywhere claiming to tell you if the air you’re breathing is safe. But are these scores legitimate? […]

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Many factors can lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Causes often include microbial or mold contamination, other contamination from inside or outside the building, poor ventilation, […]

Introduction to Indoor Air Quality Testing in Bucks County

Indoor Air Pollution and Health Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality testing in Bucks County within and around buildings and structures, especially as […]

Key IAQ Factors- Ideal Ranges

Temperature- 66 to 75 F: According to research by Casanova Lisa, et al., published in the American Society of Microbiology, the infectious rate of viruses is […]

Leaky Air Ducts

Leaky air ducts can bring unwanted contaminants into your living space, reduce heating and cooling efficiency by up to 20%, and make it harder to heat […]

Medical Grade Filtration, HEPA? What does it all mean?

In a health care setting, environmental sterility and effective disinfection are critical to maintaining patient health and reducing the possibility of harm to those whose immune […]

MERV13 VS. our Disinfecting Filtration System

Doctors across the country are trusting us to keep employees and patients safe from ultra fine particles,airborne pathogens and viruses including COVID-19. Look to Indoor Air […]