Where there’s moisture, there’s mold. That’s why, in the Pacific Northwest and other damp climates, mold is so prevalent. We have this fungus to thank for […]

Monitor and Mitigate the air!

Our Air Quality Management Systems (AQMS) offering is a plug & play solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, for immediate operation and scalability. All […]

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Below 53ppb High levels of Nitrogen Dioxide indoors is the  result of outdoor NO2 entering your indoor  environment as well as combustion sources inside  the home […]

Nursing Home? Hospital? Urgent Care? Call us for real solutions that don’t come with harmful byproducts!

The risk of infection is particularly high in hospitals and nursing homes because infected and healthy people stay in the same room for long periods of […]

Ozone Free IAQ Solutions

When considering Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions, you must consider the risk(s) over benefit(s). Most companies are now offering products and technologies that are NOT UL […]

Ozone is TOXIC

Ozone has been recognized as a toxic gas by the US Environmental Protection Agency (and others) and is produced by nature in the outdoor air…so let’s […]

PM 2.5

Below 15µg/m3 Particulate Matter also known as “Particle  Pollution” is a complex mixture of extremely small  particles and liquid droplets. Particulate Matter at  2.5 microns in […]

Preventing Dirty Ducts

A common cause of high utility bills, stuffy rooms, and a dusty house is a dirty duct system. If you want to save money and improve […]

Preventing Health Care-Acquired Infections with Proper Indoor Air Quality Management

Indoor air quality is an important requirement in all buildings, but it is especially critical for hospitals and health facilities. With poor ventilation and various microorganisms […]