What do we do?

Indoor Air Quality Associates offers vetted solutions, expert knowledge, industry leading products. Everything required to provide a safe ,fresh air and solutions to allow you to […]

What does a dust mite bite look like?

What does a dust mite bite look like? Trick question! They don’t actually bite. That said, they can cause allergic reactions on your skin that appear […]

What is air filtration or air cleaning?

If you looking to breathe healthier in your own home or place of business, chances are you will hear terms like HEPA, MERV16, CADR, PM’s etc. […]

What is bipolar ionization

What is Bipolar Ionization Technology? Research shows that viruses can be killed with bipolar ionization. The ionizer removes viruses from the air in a measure to stop the […]

Why care about IAQ and why choose us?!?

Sometimes there is great danger in that which you cannot see. You might believe that your home or workplace is a safe place for you, but […]

Why come to us before attempting unproven, and inept solutions

This just one example of data (hyperlink below) we at Indoor Air Quality Associates pull from that validate correctly and proactive solutions, in regards to indoor […]

Why do we offer zero ozone bipolar ionization (also known as: cold plasma) generator and an air cleaner?

In short, we offer both to take care of different objectives. We offer bipolar ionization (cold plasma) to mitigate and assist in the breakdown/ removal of […]

Why it’s so important to have a professional humidifier!

Did you know that the common cold and the flu may be avoided very simply? According to a Harvard University publication, living and working in an […]

Why to choose our air cleaning equipment over everything else in the marketplace!?!

The efficiency of the air cleaner products we offer is much higher than any HEPA/ULPA filtration available in the market. The patented DFS (disinfecting filtration system) […]