PM 2.5
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Carbon Dioxide

Below 800ppm

Carbon Dioxide has long been used as an indicator  of good indoor air quality primarily because of its  association with ventilation. When carbon dioxide  levels are high, it may indicate that your space is  not well ventilated. The ideal level of CO2 is  needed to reduce the risk of lung inflammation6.

Chronic inflammation caused by persistent high  CO2 levels is not ideal for your health. Moreover,  longer exposure to high CO2 can cause fatigue, 

headaches, and dizziness. It is also possible to  develop hypercapnia acidosis6, characterized by  increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.  This suppresses immune function and can make  one more susceptible to disease. 

Some causes of carbon dioxide elevation indoors:  improperly maintained combustion devices and  poor ventilation.

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