Fresh air Ventilation, Should we all have it?
Ozone is TOXIC

Cleaning with chemicals

As we approach a weekend filled with cleaning and tidying up consider best practice(s) when doing so. As addressed in previous postings, it’s very important to use household and industrial cleaners wisely and with caution.

The poison control hotline has alarming call rates due to misuse or undervalued storage and use practices. First and foremost, do not mix chemicals together, leave that for the really smart lab folks to do! It creates a whole new chemical that can be extremely harmful, poisonous, corrosive, etc. When using chemicals there are short and long term exposure effects.

Some are immediate like: shortness of breath, haziness, lightheaded, skin burns, watering eyes, burning eyes, tiredness and more.

Some long term like: cognitive dysfunction, cancer, damage to the respiratory, kidneys, and liver systems and more.

Make sure (with urgency) to follow the manufacture and CDC guidelines for use. When cleaning make sure to open up windows, for the off gas of chemical treatment(s) (known as VOCs) is harmful to you and any other occupants.

However, all this said. The absolute best way to maintain safe and healthy air quality is to have Indoor Air Quality Associates design and install a proper whole home/ building ventilation, unipolar ionization equipment, moisture control equipment, and of course high efficiency disinfecting filtration system (DFS). Call us today to have the 30,000+ breathes you take a day, be as healthy as it can be!

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