Don’t get caught up in the gadgets and wrongfully marketed product information.

The COVID-19 crisis has put air quality front and center. Many companies are using this as an opportunity to create fear in others while pushing gizmos and gadgets as a solution. This could create distrust in the IAQ industry post Covid.

The good news: Indoor Air Quality Associates offers many real solutions that will pay dividends long after COVID-19 is gone. These dividends include, reduced absenteeism, increased worker productivity, enhanced cognition, better quality of life, lower cost of ownership, no harmful byproducts, and much lower risk of premature death!

At Indoor Air Quality Associates real solutions has been our life’s work. We are delivering engineered customized solutions to the publics, private, government, and residential sectors. From hospitals, banks, schools, offices, homes, restaurants and other mission critical locations.

We use many made in the #USA total solution products that are professionally installed and commissioned to provide near perfect air from every vent at the most critical environments. When it matters most, leaders choose Indoor Air Quality Associates