Hire Indoor Air Quality & Mold Assessment Consultant in Lansdale

Best Ways to Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality
Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality
Fungi and Mold. From a Indoor Air Quality perspective!

Hire Indoor Air Quality & Mold Assessment Consultant in Lansdale

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Assessment Consultant in Lansdale

Environmental conditions, as well as air quality, can affect the health and happiness of the family or workers. When you get an air quality assessment of your interior’s air, you know the specific air contaminants you are dealing with and get more information on the proactive steps you can take to have clean air. IAQ and mold assessment consultants in Lansdale can help you assess air quality in your home or business establishment and take the right actions. Here are the ways an air quality assessment consultant can help you:

Common Air Pollutants
There are different air pollutants in homes, and they range from contaminants introduced from outdoors by pets, molds, carbon monoxide, and gas leaks. Odor is one of the common problems of indoor air quality. It’s also the most difficult to trace its origin. Odor problems are among the easiest to ignore. Some odor may indicate harmful contaminants that could result in bigger issues if they are not dealt with. Mold complaints are some of the common concerns you hear from homeowners and property managers. Molds can lead to sneezing, coughing, and headaches. Inadequate fresh air can also be an issue in a building, mainly where many people utilize a room or poor ventilation.

How IAQ Consultant Can Help
Indoor air quality consulting services involve evaluation of the composition of the air and recommendations for actions.

Bacteria and Mold Assessments
An IAQ consultant team helps detect and mitigate microbes in indoor spaces. The team conducts air tests to help determine the kind of contaminants in your home. When you know what pollutants you have inside the home, you are able to take appropriate measures. An assessment provides the foundation for tackling air quality problems. Maybe you have invisible mold in your home, or the duct system is causing dust to suspend in the air. The consultants will identify all the pollutants and advise you on what actions or mitigation measures you should take.

Odor Assessments
You may have an odor in your home that you cannot detect the source. An IAQ consultant team can look for its origin and determine whether it’s a safety issue.

Odors can come from must and mildew or a pungent chemical smell. You may also have an odor released by a strong organic stench such as rotten eggs or sewage. Even scents considered pleasant like air fresheners and perfume can at times be oppressive if you don’t ventilate your home correctly. The consultant team investigates the house by interviewing the family. They ask you to describe the odor and say where and when it seems intensest.

If you have changed in the indoor environment, such as new carpet or furniture or painting introduced recently, you may need to point out that to the consultant team. The information gathered helps guide the investigation. Improper ventilation may be a culprit if the odor is coming from furniture, carpets, or area rugs.

IAQ Management
Besides testing for pollutants, the air quality assessment team also develops IAQ management programs. The program may include manuals, training, as well as action plans intended to teach you how to maintain ideal indoor air quality. Besides, the programs may consist of the installation of air filtration systems as well as ventilation systems to help improve air quality. They may also involve mold remediation.

At Indoor Air Quality Associates, we provide comprehensive indoor air quality assessment and mitigation programs to ensure that you improve and keep the air quality at desirable and safe levels.

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