Relative Humidity and Health
Get Fresh Air and Maintain Good Ventilation


Why Indoor Air  Quality Matters

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has drastically  changed our routines. Due to the lockdowns  put in place in affected regions around the  world, people are spending more time indoors  than ever. And that’s a big point of concern  when talking about air quality because indoor  air is usually two to five times worse than  outdoor air.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, people  were already spending a lot of time indoors,  which has been intensified by efforts to  combat or slow the spread of the disease. For  many people, they are unaware that the air  they are breathing indoors is often more  polluted than outside air. This can induce  anxiety as our homes are supposed to be the  place where we feel the safest.

“We can then utilize air  quality data within our  homes and workplaces to  create an environment  that helps to deactivate  viruses and to enhance  our immune system.”

Research has shown that air quality and  COVID-19, together with other viruses, are  correlated. We can then utilize air quality data  within our homes and workplaces to create an  environment that helps to deactivate viruses  and to enhance our immune system.

IAQA’s goal is to empower you to make better  decisions about your health and your  home/workplace environment using accurate  and actionable air quality data.

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