Looking for your support, to support our communities!

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Looking for your support, to support our communities!

Hello followers!

We are calling for your support and network! Any buildings (educational facilities, school districts, work places, stores, municipalities, medical practices, EMS, etc.) requiring or looking into upgraded filtration (up to HEPA) and “UV” products. Please have them reach out to us, the experts with real, professional products!

Our DFS (disinfecting filtration systems) work at a higher air change per hour, BETTER then HEPA efficiency, and better effectiveness then UV systems for the “kill or deactivation” approach.

We also offer a monitoring solution to prove effectiveness 24/7, that can be displayed to the occupants for peace of mind!

We offer all options and products in portable and inline mechanical solutions. All in line solutions, get a additional value of a lesser operational cost them HEPA and UV solutions (How great is that?)!

Please pass our information around for we are here to support our local community with real, validated solutions!

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