Airborne Infectious Disease
HEPA, why stop there?

Ozone Free IAQ Solutions

When considering Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions, you must consider the risk(s) over benefit(s).

Most companies are now offering products and technologies that are NOT UL listed Ozone free (UL 867 and UL 2998). If they are not ozone free, they have potentially harmful health effects to humans and animals. Any electronic air filter/cleaner, Ionizer or UV light technology needs to be Ozone free! This applies to both standalone portable devices and installed into HVAC/ mechanical systems. Also, the same applies to Hydroxyl Radicals. However, since it is still a very new technology, UL does not have a listing for it at this time. Both gases belong in our atmosphere, not near ground levels.

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Even the weatherman shows the concern with naturally produced Ozone, let alone manufactured devices producing ozone in a confined building/home!

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