Reduce The Potential For Infectious Air And Surfaces.

Air Filters VS Air Purifiers
Radon Awareness

Reduce The Potential For Infectious Air And Surfaces.

During this global pandemic involving COVID-19, people are exploring precautions that can be taken to reduce their chances of contracting the coronavirus.

Human beings spend approximately 90% of their lives indoors where they know contaminant levels can be higher than the outside air. This indoor air pollution that we have come to acknowledge, has become a top priority for the environmental protection agency. Therefore, people are looking for safe and effective solutions to combat the viruses and contaminants that they face on a daily basis inside their homes, schools, day care facilities, hospitality businesses, places of worship, places of work, and any gathering place.

People are looking for cleaning solutions that do more than just make everything look visually clean. What is being done for the things that we cannot see by the naked eye, that are the very pollutants that affect health and wellbeing. More importantly, what is being done to counter act the negative effects from well-intentioned, asymptomatic workers (or who are not sick with any infectious disease) who are cleaning the aforementioned places? Through no fault of their own, they are unknowingly contaminating these spaces; the bartender who is serving drinks and food to the public, the custodians and cleaning workers who are cleaning the insides of our schools where our children go to learn and play, to the businesses and places of employment which are able to remain open during this pandemic. In these troubled times we need to know that our air quality is safe to go to school, to go to work, and to shop for food.

Look no further than Indoor Air Quality Associates, we have the solutions, technology, and expertise to help win the war against contaminated indoor air and surfaces. Whether it is contaminated indoor air from volatile organic compounds coming from cleaning products, or from infected workers who have an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.

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