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What do we do?

Indoor Air Quality Associates offers vetted solutions, expert knowledge, industry leading products. Everything required to provide a safe ,fresh air and solutions to allow you to know you made the correct decision in a firm to solve your air quality issues. We have commercial, Industrial, cleanroom rated and institutional certified systems.

Below is a list of the type of products we install, & maintain:

IAQ Testing and assessments
Air Cleaners-Commercial, Industrial
Air Cleaning Blowers
Air Cooled Condenser & Intake washable filters
Air Scrubbers
Air Sterilization systems
Air Treatment systems
Bi- Polar Ionization systems
HEPA or better air cleaners
Dehumidification systems
Desiccant Regenerators
Desiccant Wheels-Retrofit
Fresh Air Ventilators
Energy Recovery Systems-from 250CFM to 12,000 CFM
Fabric Ductwork
Flexible Ductwork Braces
Humidification systems
IAQ monitoring system
Motors & Complete blower sections-retrofit
Rotational systems for Air Treatment, cooling and Heating
Source Capture Systems
UVC systems-high powered
Ventilation systems


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