Why care about IAQ and why choose us?!?

Mitigating COVID-19 and Other Airborne Pathogens in Stores, Offices, and All Indoor Gathering Areas
See what’s in the air your breathing!

Why care about IAQ and why choose us?!?

Sometimes there is great danger in that which you cannot see. You might believe that your home or workplace is a safe place for you, but those places can harbor untold dangers that could be making you sick. Many airborne contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, yet the symptoms caused by these contaminants are very real, symptoms such as persistent coughs, a runny nose, itchy eyes, respiratory discomfort, allergies and poor sleep. Your only indication of airborne contaminants might be a musty odor in some areas of your home or workspace. If you suspect that your home or office may be making you sick, Indoor Air Quality Associates is here to help.

Indoor air testing can detect a wide variety of contagions in your home or place of employment. Mold and bacteria can thrive in humid, damp conditions, and sometimes these contaminants are not readily visible. Mold and bacteria spores are microscopic in size and have been associated with Type I and Type III allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. Pet dander, mouse droppings, dust mites and cockroaches are also known to cause a variety of allergic type reactions in humans.

Fireplaces, stoves and furnaces can emit carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that is the byproduct of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. The inhalation of carbon monoxide gas can cause severe health problems. Also, elevated particulate levels have been associated with asthma, lung infections and shortness of breath.

Indoor air quality testing can help in identifying contaminants in the home or business. The process begins with occupant interviews as a means of narrowing down potential contaminants, a visual inspection and the development of an air testing protocol designed to identify the type and scope of contaminants present. Once the information is complied, a remediation strategy can be implemented to mitigate the problem.

Indoor Air Quality Associates is constantly striving to advance our knowledge and skills through comprehensive training and education. We are members of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and several of our staff are environmental professionals, advanced health care practitioners, master HVAC engineers, and building science experts. With all of these unique skills and professions, we provide the most informative insight and solutions available in the market today!

We proudly serve Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Please call us today at 215.366.0224 or visit our webpage at www.protectmylungs.com to fill out our “Contact Us” form.

Let’s get you breathing healthier again!

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