Why do we offer zero ozone bipolar ionization (also known as: cold plasma) generator and an air cleaner?

In short, we offer both to take care of different objectives.

We offer bipolar ionization (cold plasma) to mitigate and assist in the breakdown/ removal of VOCs, germs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful gases in the air. Much like fresh air ventilation does, it offers some similar benefits, just in a different technology or means. Let’s be clear, it won’t completely eliminate the need for fresh air ventilation, but does reduce the required amount of fresh air ventilation. Why does it assist but not completely eliminate the need for fresh air ventilation you might ask yourself? Well, it breaks down the molecular structure of VOCs, germs, bacteria, and virus just to name a few, but it doesn’t breakdown or eliminate CO2 (carbon dioxide). Because of that, the building does in fact need to breathe (known as air changes per hour) to displace CO2 and let nature do its job.

Some common misconceptions offered on social media and online marketing is that it removes PMs (particulate matter). We do not offer bipolar ionization (cold plasma) to mitigate particulate matter alone. You want to remove PMs (PMs 1, PMs 2.5 and PMs 10) from the air you’re breathing by means of capturing it out of the air via a media to be discarded routinely. If you were to say, use a bipolar ionizer alone, you will in fact make particles heavier (by coagulating particles) causing them to drop from the air. The problem with that is, now you’re going to be cleaning a lot more with chemicals (potentially with VOCs). Then, those particulates can be lifted back up into the air with simple movement and airflow; and now, let’s say you have a child crawling on the floor, you’re exposing the child to more PMs (all that was previously in the air).

This list could go on as to why it’s not a one stop shop solution and isn’t offered as such when designing mechanical/ air filtration systems. However, it is a technology that is often misunderstood or not offered as a package solution by many.

Lastly, we offer a zero ozone (UL 2998) bipolar ionizer because ozone is unsafe for us to breathe, especially on a regular basis. Most ionizers will in fact create detectable amounts of ozone, especially retail products (not offered by a professional). So, if not obtaining a solution from us, then certainly do your homework (you’ll be surprised).