Why to choose our air cleaning equipment over everything else in the marketplace!?!

Why do we offer zero ozone bipolar ionization (also known as: cold plasma) generator and an air cleaner?
Are you concerned about what you are breathing?

Why to choose our air cleaning equipment over everything else in the marketplace!?!

The efficiency of the air cleaner products we offer is much higher than any HEPA/ULPA filtration available in the market. The patented DFS (disinfecting filtration system) technology that is the key to the performance of all our products. Our filters use a lesser dense media as compared to a HEPA filter but with the DFS technology we increase the efficiency of these filters to make it 99.9999 % efficient down to 0.007 microns to remove all bacteria, virus, fungi, mold and other micro-organisms. The DFS technology helps in achieving this efficiency by charging the filter media with 16-18 kV of high energy which provides a highly ionized state in which the micro organisms cannot reproduce. The high voltage breaks into the cells structure of these microorganisms and destroys them over a period of time.

The stand alone or portable air purifiers have a built in fan inside the unit for moving the air through the filters. As mentioned earlier, the lesser dense media in our units allow us to move more air as compared to a HEPA filter and that is responsible for providing a higher air flow rate at the highest efficiency. The residential products also have a 7 step pre-filtration which helps in the removal of VOCs, odors and other larger particles.

The commercial systems (Inline systems) have a V-bank filter inside the unit and incorporate the same DFS technology. The V-bank filter in the Inline system has a lesser dense media (92 DOP) as compared to the standard HEPA filter (99.97 DOP). This allows our main filters to have a higher gram holding weight and thus allow for more dust holding capacity as compared to a standard HEPA filter and results in increased filter life. HEPA filters also offer higher resistance as compared to the Inline systems. The pressure drop for the Inline system is almost half as compared to the HEPA systems at the time of installation. (0.5-0.6 inches for the Inline system as compared to 1.0 inches for the HEPA filters at the time of installation).

All the components of the Inline system (blowers, power supply, etc. ) use only the minimum amount of energy that is needed in order to operate at any given flow rate in conjunction with the HVAC system. This results in significant savings in energy as compared to the use of any other filtration system which have a more frequent change out time and power consumption characteristics

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