Why we only recommend steam humidifiers?

Why it’s so important to have a professional humidifier!
Why to choose our air cleaning equipment over everything else in the marketplace!?!

Why we only recommend steam humidifiers?

There are many ways to humidify the air we breathe indoors. We have technologies called evaporative, fine mist, ultrasonic, high pressure mist, and steam, just to name a few. Why is a professional steam (isothermal) humidifier the best way to humidify air?

Well, for one, steam is the purest humidity we can put into the air, since it is only moisture that comes out of a steam canister. With the units we stand behind, the minerals, deposits, and foreign matter are too heavy and stay in the canister to be flushed away during the run cycles. Also, an additional feature with steam is that it is a sterile environment; thus, there is no concern for microbial growth or mold in the humidifier itself unlike most other humidifiers on the market place today (both store bought and HVAC contractor type product).

An added feature is dust reduction. With adiabatic type systems like: ultrasonic (piezoelectric transducer), evaporative type, and fine mist type technology, they will blow off minerals and foreign matter (like clay that is baked onto the evaporative pads or minerals in the water). Isn’t the point of investing in a professional humidifier to protect your home and provide a healthy environment to breathe in?

Lastly, a great feature of isothermal electrode technology is that it is 98% efficient in its process. The heat it generates to make the steam increases the capacity of adding grains of water into the air. Since it only flushes and drains to rid of solids, the system has very little wasted water, unlike an evaporative technology. It relies on only itself to make the heat needed to produce humidity and evaporate in a state of relative humidity. You are not utilizing a water heater and a heater to create the needed heat that a humidifier requires; therefore, you know that you have eliminated premature break down on those appliances and have eliminated their inefficiencies.

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